If you love the beach, you have come to the right place. We have been creating beach lifestyle – themed clothing for Men & Women for years now. Our brand was born out of the undeniable fact that water and activities that take place on and around it represent a lifestyle in itself, and we wanted to help people project that lifestyle both on and off the beach – be it at home, campus, work or anywhere whatsoever.

There are a number of things that endear us all to the beach – like the sheer beauty, serenity and happiness it exudes. The colors, fabrics and all else that we get to see are just contributing factors to the ultimate GOOD VIBES found around the water. This is the kind of feeling we want you to have while wearing Wave and Fin attire. Away from all the seriousness and pressure that is upon everyone today when it comes to dressing up, the look of choice which we want to give customers is one of fun and good vibes.

The truth is that there are many other clothing companies worldwide, but none of them can do it like we do. How we do it is simple – literally. We focus on promoting just two things and nothing else – the beach and good vibes. Every other aspect always falls in place since these stand at the core of the lifestyle we want to promote.  

No matter where and how you choose to wear any of our apparel, it will turn out fantastic. So, whether you’re laid back on the beach letting the day drift by we’ve got you covered in style. Our apparel is for just about any occasion and in the spirit of the Wave and Fin brand, is all about “promoting the beach and Good Vibes” – since MMXIV (2014). Founded in Palm Beach, FL.